With roots dating back to 1896, Rio’s parent company, MAXAM, is a leader in the explosive ordnance business, supplying civil, military and sporting markets with state of the art munitions. An international player in a modern day global market, MAXAM’s cutting edge technology has kept pace in an ever changing world, employing a workforce of 6,000 people across the globe - in a diverse variety of fields. MAXAM Outdoors, the sporting ammunition division, has manufacturing plants located in Spain, England, and Tennessee and for the last decade has collectively produced a staggering 500 Million shotshells annually.

Leveraging the strategic advantage of their in-house, vertical manufacturing environment, Rio uses components produced by parent company MAXAM, allowing a marked benefit in quality, consistency and variety translating into an economically priced, yet cutting-edge product line designed for today’s highly competitive market.

Keeping pace with customer demand with an eye toward emerging future trends, has positioned Rio as a top shelf player in the consumer and law enforcement ammunition arena. The fabrication of reloading components, directed at both the end- user reloader and the OEM markets, is just one more facet of Rio’s diversified business model that positions them favorably in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Located in Tennessee, Rio’s North American plant assembles a wide range of hunting and target loads for the U.S. market. 12 gauge target loads ranging from 3/4 oz. to 1-1/8 oz. span a wide speed spectrum and sub-gauge target loads in 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410 offer a shell for every application. Lead game loads, hard hitting steel waterfowl cartridges in speeds up to 1550 fps and a Law Enforcement line - including Lethal, Less Lethal, and Training/Duty applications. Well-informed hunters, target shooters, and law enforcement bureaus all look to Rio for their ammunition needs.