About RIO

RIO isn’t just about shotguns and ammunition. We aren’t just about hunting and shooting either. Established in 1896 and available to American sportsmen since 2002, RIO is much, much more than simply cartridges in different gauges and disciplines; RIO is about excitement, about enjoying life, and about sharing your experiences with those around you. RIO is spending time in the outdoors with family, friends, and even friendly competitors. And as a leader in outdoor recreation we offer something even more important - the reliability and confidence in our sporting cartridges that will allow us to enjoy the experiences together.

RIO’s parent company MAXAM, is a global leader in the explosives industry and supplies state-of-the-art munitions to civil, military, and sporting markets in more than sixty countries. Strongly positioned as a major international player in a modern-day global market, MAXAM Outdoors, its sporting ammunition division, has manufacturing plants in Spain, the UK, and domestically that produce more than 500M shells annually. Opened in June 2015, Rio’s state-of-the-art 105,000 sq. ft. North American facility in Marshall, TX, assembles a wide range of hunting and target loads for the North American sportsman.

Whether you are shooting ducks with BlueSteel, sub-gauge targets at the range, or less lethal rounds during the latest training session, RIO is here for you.

Come with us. Let’s Share The Experience together!