RIO In The News

You may find it hard to believe but it used to be that many folks had never heard of RIO Ammunition. During that time we liked to think of ourselves as the largest shotshell company you've never heard of.

All of that, however, has changed. Over the past few years, RIO has made significant advances in its domestic manufacturing and has partnered with the biggest names in the industry to make sure that you have access to the RIO brand no matter where you live or shoot.

The opening of RIO’s new state-of-the art 105,000 sq. ft. North American plant located in Marshall, Texas was covered in many national and international media.

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Want to know more about RIO's products?

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

Do you want to know what powder is used in the Star Team EVO? Or what the mean pressure of the Texas Game Load is? RIO Ammo has just published their Product Sheets for all their products where you can find out this information, and more, for all of its products.

New Affordable Load from Rio Ammunition

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

RIO Ammunition is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Wing & Target Shotshell line proudly loaded right in the heart of Texas.