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Thursday 19th of January 2017

Rio Ammunition is Awarded FM Global’s HPR (Highly Protected Risk) Prize

Top security safety measures in place at its production plant in Marshall (Texas), opened in June 2015

The trophy handed by FM Global, specialized risk mitigation agency, awards the implementation of a safety management process that compiles all the people, building and equipment risk prevention measures.

“It’s a great honor to be awarded this prize from an unbiased third party who literally conducts thousands of audits each year in a number of different industries. It shows that Rio Ammunition is taking the right steps to protect the two most important elements of its production chain…its employees and assets”, Ken Pfau, General Manager of Rio Ammunition.
State-of-the-art technology processes installed at Rio Ammunition’s production facilities and the effective deployment of MAXAM’s corporate safety culture have been key aspects in order to anticipate any potential workplace risks and be able to achieve the HPR award.

Rio Ammunition is MAXAM’s sports shooting and hunting cartridge subsidiary in the United States, founded in 2001. It uses components produced by parent company MAXAM, allowing a marked benefit in quality, consistency and variety translating into an economically priced, yet cutting-edge product line designed for today’s highly competitive market.
At the ceremony in Marshall (Texas), Nancy Campuzano, FM Global’s Account Engineer highlighted that “MAXAM has been working with FM Global for 5 years with a clear commitment to property loss prevention. This Highly Protected Risk award recognizes their efforts in the Rio Ammunition site in Marshall (Texas), where all reasonable physical and human element loss prevention measures have been implemented to protect buildings, equipment and contents from all losses, including those caused by natural hazards.”

Rio Ammunition

Rio Ammunition, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Marshall (Texas), is MAXAM’s sports shooting and hunting cartridge subsidiary in the United States. Rio Ammunition's success is based on proprietary technological developments – as a result of ongoing investment in R&D – and a totally integrated production chain ranging from the manufacturing of the main raw materials to the production of all the cartridge components (cases, primers, powder, wads and lead shot).

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