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Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Rio Ammunition Updates its Corporate Identity

“Share The Experience”, new slogan to strengthen RIO’s values and market position

“Share The Experience”, new slogan to strengthen RIO’s values and market position

Rio Ammunition (RIO) has updated its corporate identity with the aim of strengthening its brand, perception and the position it holds in the sports shooting and hunting cartridge market. With this change, RIO wants to expand its existing essence and give it a modern edge by demonstrating how a hunting or shooting cartridge manufactured by RIO interacts with its consumers.

RIO has refreshed its logo and updated its tagline to “Share The Experience”, a sentence that sums up its essence and relationship with its customers. RIO is more than a product, it’s a value proposition, a promise for functional and emotional benefits. Its cartridges let customers feel and experience nature like never before, bringing the most adventurous side to life, urging them into action, through to that unique moment they catch sight of their target.

The core values of RIO’s new image are based on transmitting the experience of using RIO’s products and the emotional benefits it generates in the customers, while embracing the tradition and confidence an 1896 founded brand transmits.

“When we ask our consumers what RIO means to them, the overwhelming response is that it´s a new experience. RIO has been manufacturing hunting and shooting cartridges since 1896, this is what we have had in mind during the whole rebranding process and what we believe gives RIO an added value in comparison to other brands”, Ken Pfau, General Manager of Rio Ammunition.

Moreover, RIO has launched a new state-of-the-art technology smartphone and tablet responsive website to increase its online client experience and it has intensified its social media presence in order to better reach its customers.
Corporate logo and colors.

RIO’s color scheme plays a dual role: to strengthen its position as a brand and to help explain and differentiate their products. The main brand color will be gold and its variations. In order to link RIO with the Outdoors world we will only use colors associated with nature.

Rio Ammunition –
Rio Ammunition, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Marshall (Texas), is MAXAM’s sports shooting and hunting cartridge subsidiary in the United States. Rio Ammunition's success is based on proprietary technological developments – as a result of ongoing investment in R&D – and a totally integrated production chain ranging from the manufacturing of the main raw materials to the production of all the cartridge components (cases, primers, powder, wads and lead shot).

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Ken Pfau
General Manager

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