Non-lead Cartridges
BlueSteel Target

Don’t let lead-free restrictions spoil your clay target game. Designed for ranges that mandate non-lead ammunition, RIO BlueSteel™ Target Loads provide unrivaled quality in-class performance. In speeds of 1,325 fps for 12 gauge, and 1,250 fps in 20 gauge, they retain superior downrange energy for lead-like results.

BlueSteel Game

RIO’s BlueSteel Game Loads pack the lethal, non-lead punch needed for those tough wetland conditions. High velocities, perfectly spherical steel shot and multiple shot sizes give you the killing power you need under adverse hunting conditions. Available in 12 and 20 Gauge and in blisteringly fast speeds up to 1,550 fps,

RIO’s BlueSteel™ Game Loads provide great patterns and superb knockdown power combined with an eye-catching steel design.


RIO’s Bismuth non-lead products are part of our pioneering Premium range hunting cartridge offer. Available in 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, 28ga and .410ga these hard-hitting payloads with superb downrange power are perfect for those treasured old guns which are intolerant to steel shot.

Softer than steel, Bismuth has 86% the density of lead, giving excellent long range power retention in wetland conditions.