Reloading Components

RIO hulls conform to strict quality criteria to answer the most demanding needs of manufacturers and individual loaders. Our extruded hull applies the most recent technologies to reach the highest levels of regularity in manufacturing.

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With stringent testing for multiple parameters such as sensitivity, power, flame geometry and temperature, and pressure and time curve, RIO’s G-1000 209 primers are held in the highest level of quality control.

Packaged in sleeves of 100, boxes of 100 and cases of 5,000 cases, RIO G-1000 primers provide positive ignition for a uniform and balanced powder burn in every application.


RIO wads are molded using the highest quality raw materials and an advanced manufacturing process to maintain perfect the plasticity necessary to compete in any shooting discipline. By utilizing a unique power-gas seal base design RIO’s wads guarantee an optimal ballistic compression rate that will help soften the recoil while also maintaining an ideal point-of-shot dispersion.

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Shot and Powders

Controlled propulsion and predictable flight characteristics are vital to shotshell dynamics. Safety, accuracy and wear are all dependent on these factors. RIO’s commitment to precise and controlled expansion and external ballistics are clearly reflected in our shot and powder products.

Calling upon more than 100 years of experience, RIO believes that it has achieved an ideal balance of the most important aspects of shotshell design.

These traits will help you ensure that you experience smooth, reliable and predictable results with your preferred loads.