Shot and Powders
Product name Load 02 Velocity fps Shot Size Case Gauge Length / Dram Packaging Product Reference
Shot Meticulous sorting for size and precise antimony levels ensure that RIO lead shot is uniform and perfectly spherical— acutely important elements of dense and well-balanced patterns.
Powders RIO’s parent company MAXAM has a long, rich history as a leader in the explosive propellant sector dating back well over a century. From MAXAM’s inception by founder Alfred Nobel to the current day, we have tirelessly incorporated the latest equipment and technological advances in the manufacturing process, providing powders for the world’s leading manufacturers of premium sporting cartridges and home reloaders. Relentless testing in each lot to verify its physical, chemical, and ballistic characteristics ensures consistency in each production run. Contact RIO for current specifications and availability.
Velocity at 3.3 feet