Royal Buck 20 gauge 9 Pellet

Royal Buck 20 Gauge 9 Pellet
Whether in the field or if lives are on the line, experts rely on RIO buckshot. The choice for home defense and law enforcement agencies worldwide, the sheer kinetic energy transfer of buckshot means one thing – confident knockdown power. Also an excellent choice for whitetail-sized game, wild boars, or foxes, RIO 12 and 20 gauge buckshot loads are offered in multiple pellet sizes and provide unmatched performance when you need it most.


Stock# Product Description Ga Length Oz Dram Vel. with choke Shot Size Packaging
RB209 Royal Buck 20 gauge 9 Pellet 20 2 3/4 9 pellets 1,345 #1 - Buck 25 rds/box - 10 boxes/case - 250 rds/case

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