Tina Jewell

Tina Jewell
Tina started shooting with a BB Gun when she was 8 years old. She wanted to be a COWGIRL! Started shooting Skeet at 28 years of age, the following year Tina started shooting Trap, at age 30 I shot her first round of Sporting Clays and was hooked for life. Tina began winning at the local events and 1994 was her first time to attend the National Sporting Clays Championships. Tina’s proudest moments are the 1998 National 5-Stand Lady Champion and the 2000 Nationals Main Lady Runner-Up. 2017 5-Stand Lady Champion.
• Team USA Sporting 2013, 2014
• Team USA FITASC 2013
• Team NSCA USA Sporting Clays Team
• Sporting Clays Team 2015, 2016, 2017
• FITASC Team 2015, 2016, 2017
• 19 time All–American

Notable Accomplishments:
19 Time All-American
Team USA FITASC Team 2011
Team USA Sporting Team 2014
Team USA Sporting & FITASC Teams 2015
NSCA USA Shooting Team Sporting & Fitasc Team 2016
NSCA USA Shooting Team Sporting & Fitasc Team 2017

Gator Cup: Fitasc: Lady 1st – main: Lady 3rd:--Prelim: Lady 2nd
South Central Regional Main event Lady Runner-Up
National Championships, 5-Stand Lady Champion

• South Central: Main: Lady 3rd
• U S Open: Fitasc: Lady 1st
• U S Open: Prelim: Lady RU
• Southeast Regional: Main: Lady 3rd
• Southeast Regional: Prelim: Lady 1st

• World English Championship: Prelim: Lady RU
• World English Championship: Fitasc: Lady Ru
• World English Championship: Main: Lady 3rd
• Northeast Regional: Main: Lady 3rd
• North Central Regional: Prelim: Lady 3rd
• North Central Regional: Fitasc: Lady 1st
• North Central Regional: 5-stand: lady 2nd
• North Central Regional: Main: lady 4th
• Grand Prix: Main: Lady 4th
• Southeast Championship: Main: Lady 2nd
• Southeast Championship: Prelim: Lady 1st
• National Sporting Clays Championship: Lady 4th
• Western Regional: Lady 4th
• North Central Regional: 5-Stand Lady Champ, Prelim: Lady 3rd
• US Open: Prelim Lady 3rd
• Southeast Regional: FITASC Lady Champ, Prelim Lady RU
• South Central Regional: Main Lady RU,
• US Open: Main Lady 3rd,5-Stand Lady Champ, Pure Gold Cup Lady RU
• South Central Regional: Main Lady Champ, 5-Stand Lady Champ
• North Central Regional: 5-Stand Lady 3rd
• Northeast Regional: Main Lady RU
• World English Championship: 5-Stand Lady 3rd
• World Cup; Main Lady Champ, FITASC Lady Champ
• US Open: FITASC Lady Champ
• Zone 3 Championship: Main Lady RU
• National Sporting Clays Championship: 5-Stand Lady Champ, K-Kup Lady 3rd, FITASC Lady 4th
• World Cup Challenge: Main Lady Champ, FITASC Lady Champ
• Zone 3 Championship: Lady RU
• Zone 3 Championship: Main Lady RU
• Gamaliel Cup: Lady Champ
• Zone 3: Main Lady 3rd, FITASC Lady 3rd
• Zone 3: Lady Champ
• National Sporting Clays Championship: FITASC Lady 4th
• Zone 3: Lady Champ
• National Sporting Clays Championship: Main, Lady RU
• National Sporting Clays Championship: 5-Stand Lady Champ
10 Time Indiana Lady State Champion
11 Time Kentucky Lady State Champion

Travis Mears

Travis Mears
The shotgun sports are a passion for many; the same is true for Travis Mears. At a young age of 9 years old Travis started his competitive career and has continued to follow his passion.

Travis has competed on many different levels within the sport. He started with the youth shooting programs such as 4-H and SCTP and then moved on to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO as a scholarship shooter. While at Lindenwood Travis took part in 5 National Team Championships, 12 Individual Collegiate National Championships and completed his undergrad and MBA. After moving back to Texas, Travis continued his career shooting Sporting Clays and traveling putting on Exhibition Shows on the weekends, while devoting his weeks to his wife Raelynn and business career. Now at 31 years old Travis and Raelynn have a daughter and son and he is the President of Fort Worth, Texas’ premier shotgun range, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch. Travis is continuing to share his passion of the shooting sports through his range, sporting clays and exhibition shooting. When he’s not shooting, Travis enjoys Hunting and spending time with his wife and kids. Travis is a resident of Aledo, Tx.


List of accomplishments: 
200+ Shooting Exhibition Shows Nationwide
• 10 time NSCA All American Team
• 4 time Professional Sporting Clay Association (PSCA) Pro Shooter
• 2 time ACUI International Wobble Trap National Champion
• 2 time ACUI Sporting Clays National Champion
• 2 time NSCA Junior All American Team Captain
• 2011 National Championship 5-stand National Champion
• 2010 ACUI Collegiate High Over All Champion
• 2010 ACUI International Skeet National Champion
• 2010 ACUI Combined Trap Events National Champion
• 2010 NRA collegiate All American Captain
• 2009 NSCA 5-stand National Champion Runner Up
• 2008 ACUI Five Stand National Champion
• 2005 NSCA Junior Nationals 5 Stand National Champion
• 2005 NSCA Team USA Gold Medalist
• 2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Gold Medalist
• 3 Time Texas State 4-H High Overall Champion
• 5-Time NSSF SCTP Gold Medal team member in Sporting Clays and Skeet
• Junior Olympics - two-time Silver Medalist in Doubles Trap

Tim Jewell

Tim Jewell
My first experience with a shotgun was with my Dad and Papaw; they took me with them at the age of 10 quail hunting. I will never forget the first time those birds came out from under my feet. What a rush. From there it was upland hunting till 1993 when I was introduced to the sport of clay target shooting.
Shortly after I joined the NSCA and became a tournament shooter winning my class in the first KY State Championship I competed in. I am currently a 5 time KY State Champion.

List of accomplishments:
2018 Briley All American Sub-Gauge Team 28ga (Rank #1)
2018 Blaser All-American 28ga FITASC Team (Rank #1)
2018 Briley All American Sub-Gauge Team 20ga
2016 Blaser All-American 12ga FITASC team
2016 US Open Master 5th
2015-2016 PSCA Pro
2007 US National Sporting Clays Championships M11
2006 All-American Team (Open Team)
2005 US National Sporting Clays Championships M7

My wife Tina is the one that keeps me going and it’s a pleasure to travel and shoot with her. She coaches me and I coach her, were a team
I currently run Rangers Gun Club with my Family, a small gun club located in Calhoun KY.
I’m a sporting clays instructor and teach many disciplines and methods.
I care about the sport, always looking for ways to help the shooters and make the game better. Currently a member of the NSCA Advisory Council always willing to help the shooters get their concerns to the right people.
All and all I just love shooting and the people in the sport. The smell of gun powder and the sight of clay targets crushed in the sky by RIO AMMO.