Derek Rambo

Derek Rambo - Sales Executive

Derek Rambo is a Navy veteran with over 15 years’ experience in the outdoor industry. He came to Rio Ammunition after serving as a Territory Manager at Avery Outdoors and Banded, Inc. for the past 7 years. Derek has worked and Pro-Staffed for several waterfowl and turkey hunting manufacturers in an industry that he loves. Being an end user as a waterfowl, turkey, and upland guide, he brings vast hunting knowledge and passion to RIO Ammunition.

Cade L. Standlee

Cade L. Standlee - Sales Executive

Cade Standlee is a passionate outdoorsman with nearly 14 years of combined recreational and professional experience. As a recent Texas Tech Graduate, Cade studied Natural Resource Management and built his livelihood in the outdoors. He joined RIO Ammunition after working as a manager and marketing executive on a ranch in West Texas. Cade has been hunting primarily in the Texas Panhandle since he was 7 years old, guiding clients and building rapport within the waterfowl and big game hunting community. Cade brings his familiarity and enthusiasm of the industry to the RIO Ammunition team

Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke - Sales Executive

Andrew Clarke is an avid shooter and has been in the outdoor industry for over 12 years. He joined RIO Ammunition after his time as a product developer for a workwear catalog. Andrew has been hunting in the fields of the Midwest since he was 12 years old and has taken his lessons learned to guide shooters new to the sport for 3 years. Andrew brings his passion for the outdoors and extensive knowledge of hunting to RIO Ammunition.