Eco BlueSteel

What We Leave Behind Matters — NEW Eco BlueSteel
Taking a huge step forward in reducing the impact of plastic shotshell hulls in the environment, RIO Ammo has incorporated its revolutionary 100% biodegradable shotgun wad into the popular line of BlueSteel hunting loads. The Pro Eco Wad is the first hydro-soluble wad in the United States. Not only does the wad completely dissolve but with the help of CO2, mineral salts, and biomass, the Pro Eco Wad works as a high-quality fertilizer, protecting and enriching your hunting grounds for generations to come.

Better Performance than a Regular Plastic Wad
The RIO Pro Eco Wad is the first wad that not only maintains, but also improves the performance of a plastic wad.
Ballistic testing of 28-grain and 32-grain steel shotshells shows the Pro Eco Wad performs just as well as a plastic wad, yet patterns better with less recoil.

Better Shot Pattern
Due to the meticulous design of the Eco BlueSteel family of hunting loads, you will experience a more concentrated pattern than shotshells loaded with conventional plastic wads.

Better, Faster Speeds
As the mechanical properties of the wad are enhanced because of its elasticity, RIO Eco BlueSteel measures at faster speeds, up to 15% compared to a regular steel load wad.
The hydro-soluble wad is a testament to RIO’s commitment to innovation. We continuously work to make our shotshells more precise and more reliable while reducing the impact on the environment. RIO now offers a non-toxic shotshell with the two elements that are expelled from the shotgun—the shot and wad—having a limited, even positive impact on the environment.


Stock# Product Description Ga Length Oz Dram Vel. with choke Shot Size Packaging
GLEBS28 Game Load Eco BlueSteel 12 2 3/4 1 MAX 1,315 5, 6, 7 10 rds/box - 25 boxes/case - 250 rds/case
REBSM32 Royal Eco BlueSteel MGN 12 3 1 1/8 MAX 1,450 BB, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 10 rds/box - 25 boxes/case - 250 rds/case

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