Star Team Evo Platinum

Star Team Evo Platinum
Like its name suggests, RIO Ammo’s Star Team Evo Platinum is a premium target load designed specifically for Olympic trap, International trap, and bunker trap competition shooting. Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s top professional shooters, the RIO Star Team Evo Platinum features a 25mm high-performing nickel-plated head, nickel-coated super magnum shot for maximum hardness, premiere recoil-reducing wad, and in-house produced PSB+ powder for high velocity and smooth recoil. It is available in 12 gauge, 2-3/4” shell, in regulation shot sizes 7.5 and 8, in 24-gram and 1 ounce. 


Stock# Product Description Ga Length Oz Dram Vel. with choke Shot Size Packaging
STP24 Star Team Evo Platinum 24 12 2 3/4 24gram 1,360 7.5, 8 25 rds/box - 10 boxes/case - 250 rds/case
STP28 Star Team Evo Platinum 28 12 2 3/4 1 1,360 7.5, 8 25 rds/box - 10 boxes/case - 250 rds/case

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